Grand Warden of CA – Official Visit to Mountain View #244

Rita Cooper, Grand Warden to the Grand Lodge of California, will be at Mountain View #244 on an official visit, on Thursday, September 21st. The members of Mountain View #244 have been working hard to clean, paint, and repair their lodge ahead of Sister Rita’s official visit. It hasn’t looked this good in decades! Seriously, you should come and see it.

Ahead of the meeting, members and their guests will gather at Cafe Baklava for their Mediterranean style cuisine at 6:30pm. The meeting itself will begin at 8pm. Rita Cooper will be escorted by Zoe Timmerman, DDGM for District 107.

All Odd Fellows are cordially invited to attend and get to know their Grand Warden. In addition to her duties with the Grand Lodge, Sister Rita is an active member of Morse Lodge #257 in Berkeley, has served on the Grand Lodge Board of Directors, and has held appointed officer roles within the Grand Lodge prior to her election as Grand Warden in 2023. In 2015, as Grand Chaplain, she shared this sermon about our order.

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